As a Production Designer with Scholastic, I’ve design covers and interiors for the trade division, ages 0-7, from board books to picture books to early readers. Many books are parts of a series, so it’s key to follow series standards and templates. I handle art edits, flowing manuscripts, and pre-press preflighting. I collaborate with art directors, editors, production editors, and manufacturing teams to route and release layouts, approve proofs, and keep projects on schedule. Here’s a selection of different types of projects I’ve worked on.
Many of the books I work on are titles licensed for publication in the U.S. from international presses, usually from English-speaking countries like the U.K. and Australia. While some of these just need Americanization of spellings and minor updates, others need new covers optimized for the U.S. market and more complex art changes. I’ve also worked on a few bilingual editions and books prepared for translation licensing.
The original I SPY books were published in the 1990s, and I worked on recent re-issues where most of the books’ main content stayed the same, but we updated the non-“story” pages to a modern design treatment. I carried this new vocabulary across several titles, creating a color scheme for each book and pulling objects from the photographs to scatter across these pages to integrate and enliven these pages.
I’ve worked on books from established series like Poppleton and the Owl Diaries. These projects require more complex art edits and corrections throughout the process. Maintaining the series standards and branding is key for consistency on bookshelves.
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